Get FREE Forum VIP

Keep in mind this is free and is just for fun. This does not exempt you from our rules like mic spam and hacking. We created forum vip to give something to those who love our servers and also because the features that are given to forum vip's take responsibility.
You can get coins 3 times faster by playing on our Medic's Idle server. (Click here to join)
After you buy, map must refresh in order for it to work. Most servers refresh in the morning USA timezone.
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Forum VIP
Do NOT use coins on this if you already have the forum vip tag. Check your forum profile to see if you do or not. We can't refund coins so please use it properly. AFTER YOU ACTIVATE, YOU NEED TO WAIT UNTIL MAP CHANGES FOR IT TO WORK. MAP CHANGES EVERY MORNING FOR ALL SERVERS.
[COINS] 600 / week
[COINS] 2,000 / month
This is only for admins. Don't use. No refund.
[COINS] 2,000 / month