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    Advertisements helps pays for our servers and other fees related to our community. When you try to disable them, you are keeping us from staying alive.
    So instead, you can control the advertisement volumes if they are too loud as shown in this tutorial. This works for any servers running advertisements.

    1) Make sure you have an advertisement running.

    2) When the advertisement is running, it allows us to edit the volume. Hold Alt then press Tab (Remember to HOLD alt then PRESS tab). It can take a while to load your desktop, give it time.

    3) After your desktop is loaded, right click (not left but RIGHT [your right hand side] mouse click) over your volume icon. Then click on Open Volume Mixer. It should give you something like shown below.




    4) Then scroll to the left under Applications section until you see Steam Client WebHelper. (Advertisement MUST BE RUNNING IN TF2 for this step or Steam Client WebHelper will not be shown.)



    That's it! Now you can control the volume.
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