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    Forum VIP is just a free perk that you can have to show off or just play around with.
    Keep in mind this is completely free and perks can be taken away at any time. It's just something I give to players who care about the servers the most.

    To get forum vip, you just have to use the coins you get by playing on our servers. You can type !coins in chat to see how many you are getting. You should also type !check to see if you have an account in our forums since that is required to allow our bot to give you coins.

    This tutorial will be going over how to
    1) make an account on our forums which is required for coins
    2) and then using our forums to use your coins for forum vip.

    If you prefer to donate to just have VIP without coins, you can do that instead by clicking here. Please keep in mind I am not selling anything, and it is something I give to donators to show appreciation. In other words, you are donating money to me to help the servers instead of expecting something in return.

    You can now get faster coins by playing or idling on this server: Medic's Idle Click to Join

    Anyways since we got that covered, let's begin with the tutorial.

    ========Tutorial Below=========
    Making an Account at our Forums
    1) Run tf2 and then when you are at the main menu of tf2, hold shift then press tab.


    Then you will get something like this.

    2) From here click on the web browser link as shown below.

    After you click on that, you will get Steam's official web browser.

    3) In the url section, type in "" without the quotes then press enter. Just see how it is shown below.

    Then it will take you to our official website!

    4) Now click the "Sign in through STEAM" button as shown below. If you click the "Sign up now" button instead, it will redirect you to the "sign in through steam."

    This will take you to steam's official website since we use their website to connect your steam account with our vip system. It is safe and this type of system is used in many reputable sourcemod websites like tf2outpost (tf2 trading site), garrysmod, and csgolounge.

    Steam explaining how the system works.
    Steam's official url

    5) Now click on Sign In (the green button under your username).

    It will take you to a username form

    6) Fill out the form. If you are 13 or younger, your parents have to sign up. You don't have to put in your real info, but if you are younger than 14 years old, it is your parents' responsibility.
    After, click Sign Up.

    Finally you have made a forum account! Not that hard if you think about it.

    Using your Coins on our Forums
    1) Make sure you are logged into our forums.

    2) Now click on "Get FREE Forum VIP" and click on "Shop Home"

    This will take you to our automated vip shop. You can highlight the hard to read text (sorry don't have time to find out how to fix this) in order to read it.

    Check your coins on the top right as shown below. It's labeled Australium Coins and it is above the search bar. As you can see, this test account has 0 coins.

    3) According to the shop, for now you can get a week of Forum VIP for only 600 coins for a week, and a discount of 2000 coins for a month. Once you have 600 coins, you can click the purchase button.

    4) Self explanatory here, you can buy forum vip for yourself or someone else. I don't recommend clicking on the auto renew since I haven't tested that one. Make sure you click on "Subscription type." Then you can click Purchase.

    Keep in mind! If you ALREADY have forum vip, and you purchase while you have it, it won't lengthen your vip to 2 weeks! You have to WAIT until your vip EXPIRES then you can purchase it again. I don't have the time to refund your coins unfortunately, but you can just idle overnight to get a load of coins in our servers.

    You can see if you have forum vip status by clicking on your username as shown below

    It should take you to your profile page on our website. Since my test account had zero coins, I used Scattered Dream's profile as an example. As you can see he has the Forum VIP tag. Once this disappears, you can then use coins again for another week of forum vip. If you use coins WHEN YOU HAVE THIS FORUM VIP TAG, it will bug and take your coins without giving you credit for it. You have been warned!

    That's it! Now you know how to use your coins for forum vip.
    Have fun!
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