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    How to Use the Trade Marketplace

    Basic Information
    The trade marketplace was created to help hardworking TF2 traders sell or buy TF2 items. Trading has been a big part of our community and is a great way to customize your character to the way you want it to look. It's a way to express who you are.

    The best part of Trade Marketplace is that it is advertised in all the servers. So whenever players join, they see the title of your trade ad, and it helps get the trade you want.

    How to Use:
    Before you start using the marketplace, please read our rules since there are no exceptions. For the most part, it is basic rules, but if you use the marketplace for off topic messages that isn't a trade ad, then it is a problem. Please read the rules for a better idea of what is allowed and what is not, since you can lose your Forum VIP if you don't.

    1) First, make sure you are logged in and have forum vip. We have an easy tutorial for that too.
    2) Then click on the Trade tab on the dark blue tab list.
    Then you can start posting trade ads. You can post one by clicking either the blue "Post New Thread" button or the green "Click here to post new trade advertisement."
    3) Then you can proceed with writing your trade post.
    First you want to choose the prefix and label your ad as either selling or buying. You can also choose giveaway if you are giving away free items!
    Notice the "solved" prefix. You can choose that to tell people you have already sold or bought the item you are looking for.
    Next, click on thread title. Try to use a title that is descriptive but in about 3-5 words. If you use too long of a title, not all of it will show in our servers. Remember, the title is important since it will be the part that shows up in our servers.
    Keep in mind, if you write a nice detailed post, it will make you look reliable as a trader. If you write something too simple without any details of what you want, then people will be less likely to trust you. Also try to do some research on what your item is worth (will show you more on how to do that next).
    4) This part will help you a lot. It will make your trade ad stand out, and also show others that your trade is valuable.
    First, open a new window or tab. Then go to and go to the Trade Marketplace again.
    From here, you can click on "" next to the rules image.
    Then search the item you are selling or looking for. In the example below, I typed archimedes.
    You can click on the correct item and get a lot of good info! You can see the value or value. Just click on it to toggle.
    Guess what? Now you can put that exact info onto your trade ad! Super easy to do this.
    Just copy the url into your trade ad as shown below. Check it out below.
    As shown in the image above, you can also add "tags" by writing descriptive words one by one. Just press the comma key after each word. This will help others find it through google.
    At last, you can click "create thread" to create your trade ad and then go back to trade tab to see your trade ad in the list.
    Notice how I can edit the trade ad title by clicking edit next to the title area.
    I changed my prefix to "solved" since I don't need to sell it anymore.
    That's it! Hope this helps!
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