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    Opening Date: 11/10/2018
    Closing Date: Until Filled

    I have spent some time and money into some new servers (saxton hale, mariokart, and jailbreak) and would like to see it being used rather than being wasted. These three servers are worth the time in my opinion, so I've decided to open a few positions reserved for bringing awareness to these servers. Saxton Hale was our first successful gamemode added to our community. MarioKart was one of our most successful fun maps. Jailbreak is new and something that works well if we have good wardens for it. Keep in mind this is NOT an admin position as we don't have any openings in that department. We try to limit the number of admins and let the players be independent with their experiences so they can just focus on game-play rather than babysitting. Sometimes, too much regulation can lead to annoyances so I try to minimize this position and increase the quality of our staff rather than quantity.

    Requirements (All of them are a MUST, unless noted otherwise):
    1) 14 and older. We will verify with microphone interview.
    2) Good enough microphone (no static, low audio, etc). If you're applying for Jailbreak you need to play warden a lot.
    3) Anonymity. All our staff are stealth and you have to keep your position a secret. We do this to avoid players targeting you which will happen as players generally do this out of jealously or discrimination/bias. Breaking this requirement will result in your termination for the role.
    4) Sign a non-compete AND a non-disclosure clause. Greedy people out there try to use our platform for their own benefit, and this is just simply cruel.
    5) Know how to record .dem (hl2 mod demo's) using in-game console. I expect you to either be able to learn this on your own or know this already.
    6) Must play between 5pm-8pm Pacific Time Zone or 12noon-8pm Weekends Pacific Time at least twice a week on either Saxton Hale, MarioKart, or Jailbreak. More availability will increase your chances of being admitted. We are flexible but you should be playing already around this timeframe.
    7) Must know how to add people on friends list using steam and be very good with people.
    8) Must know how to use steam web browser.
    9) Forum VIP is preferred.

    Job Description:
    As an awareness coordinator, you will dedicate your time in one or more of the assigned servers and focus on making and inviting friends to abide to our community mission. Our mission has always been to try and create a friendly gaming environment as an unregulated online environment can be a breeding ground for toxic people. This will improve your experience and is ideal for players who are already interested in playing on the assigned servers. Although not guaranteed, under rare-circumstance and after a long-term commitment, you may or may not be promoted to a higher position. However, it is expected for you to know how to record demos and I will walk you through our management style and process.

    This is something new that I am trying and due to my lack of time available, I may have to terminate this position at any time if I feel I need to due to my busy schedule. Nevertheless, this is rare and is a great experience for gamers who love TF2 and especially MedicAndFriends.

    About Us:
    I’ve been running MedicAndFriends for four years and we’ve been a leader in fun, goofy gameplay for TF2. We pioneered the friendly, free-for-all gameplay during the idling era and expanded into gamemodes and fun maps. Although times have changed and we’ve run out of time and money to offer what we used to, MedicAndFriends is still a pioneer in the TF2 community space, have on average 30,000 monthly members play on our servers, and have influenced other communities as they copy a lot of what we do.

    Opportunity to work with the MedicAndFriends owner and priority feedback.
    Improve your experience with server you already like to play on.
    Chance for further opportunities if able.
    Donator VIP.

    Application (Use this template, use it well, and send it to my forum inbox):
    If you're applying for Jailbreak, do you play warden a lot?:
    Are you available from 5pm-8pm Pacific Time?:
    Are you available from 12noon-8pm Pacific Time on Weekends?:
    How many days a week do you play at the above timeframe? What days?:
    Do you already play on this time frame you mentioned?:
    How many friends do you have in your friends list? Link me your steam profile too:
    Explain how you would go about adding friends on steam:
    Explain how one would record demos on TF2:
    Explain how one would use a steam web browser:
    Would you be okay with signing a non-disclosure and non-compete contract?
    Are you aware this is a part-time volunteer position?:
    Are you okay with Medic not being available sometimes due to work and school:
    What server are you looking to volunteer for? More than one is okay:
    Lastly, tell us what MedicAndFriends means to you:
    Current Openings (Last Updated, 11/12/18):
    Monday 5-8pm Pacific:
    Tuesday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Wednesday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Thursday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Friday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Saturday Noon-8pm Pacific: Open
    Sunday Noon-8pm Pacific: Open

    Saxton Hale
    Monday 5-8pm Pacific:
    Tuesday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Wednesday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Thursday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Friday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Saturday Noon-8pm Pacific: Open
    Sunday Noon-8pm Pacific: Open

    Jailbreak (Current Staff: 2)
    Monday 5-8pm Pacific:
    Tuesday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Wednesday 5-8pm Pacific: Filled #1
    Thursday 5-8pm Pacific: Filled #2
    Friday 5-8pm Pacific: Open
    Saturday Noon-8pm Pacific: Filled #1
    Sunday Noon-8pm Pacific: Filled #2
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