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    Hi there!
    Please make sure you understand the rules below. They are common sense, but just in-case!

    1) Our community is privately owned and is alive due to the owner's contribution and small support he gets from sponsors and players. We can't offer customer service like in a successful business, and this community is something that came about from what the owner worked on, and is something he did out of good will rather than to make a business out of it. Unfortunately, he can't take on this community as a job, and had to stop volunteering time for the community other than server maintenance and couple of updates. Please do not make demands, but feel free to ask kind requests and the owner will of course try to fulfill them IF POSSIBLE. Keep in mind the owner is not on too often due to him being an adult with serious responsibilities. I know a lot of community owners are younger and this is not the case here, so I just wanted to make this clear.

    2) Making threats of any kind will get you banned. This includes talking about how our community will die off if we don't fulfill your requests. Our community is about good values rather than player count. This will also happen when you do so anywhere else outside this website.

    3) We do not accept admin applications and no, we do not have much time to moderate random admins. We have a group of responsible admins that went through a rigorous process to be eligible, and we always reach out to those personally who we feel is suitable. It takes more than experience to be part of our staff, what is most important is attitude, personality, morals, and trust.

    4) This messaging platform is not a place for you to say whatever you want. Please be mindful of what you say and keep in mind we have the right to refuse service. Anyone saying inappropriate, insulting, or indirectly ill-willed messages will be kept from using our services.

    Thank you to those who care and help make our community what it should be. A place where people can have fun where good values are encouraged. We are Medic and FRIENDS after all.

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