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[STICKY] Trading Rules, Must Read, NO EXCUSES

Discussion in 'TF2 Marketplace' started by Medic, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Medic

    Medic The Guy Who Cares Staff Member Donator

    This system has been discontinued.

    Hey everyone! Hope you guys find someone to trade with and get the items you want.
    Here are some rules and tips for you to keep in mind.

    1) ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSIVE, DECEPTIVE, ILL-INTENDED TRADE POSTS. You will be KEPT FROM USING our servers and website no excuses.
    An example that will get you banned would be a trade ad post like:
    -"Question for Medic"
    -"How do I use this?"
    -"I like cake"
    You get the idea.

    2) Url, links, or websites will not be allowed in the post. You will get an error if you do. If you try to do it on other means, then you will get banned from using the Trade Marketplace. Just tell people to click on your steam profile in your post. It is clearly posted automatically above your ad when you submit a trade ad.

    3) It is your responsibility to know the correct market value of the items. Simply ask a friend here or google the value. You can also use our item.tf button on the images on top of the forums. Keep in mind that people will see if you are a bad trader or not. Do not expect a refund after you trade with someone!

    4) Do not ask for real money here. It is not safe to pay someone real money, since there is no way to make sure he or she will actually give you the the item.

    5) You can post giveaways, but not the other way around. Do not ask for free items here.

    6) Review the Trade Marketplace tutorial before you post. It will help you avoid any issues and help increase your chances of getting trades.

    Most of this is common sense, except the links. I know most of you won't have any issues to begin with.
    For those who do get in trouble, the type of bans will be depending on how severely ill your intentions are. I will be strict on these for obvious reasons.

    Hope you get the trades you want!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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